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Clinical Lab Technologist-Blood Bank-Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays



Blood Bank Manager & Supervisor, Chemistry Manager & Supervisor, Hematology Manager & Supervisor


Clinical Lab Technologist-Blood Bank-Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays


Brooklyn, NY 

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Minimum Qualifications:To qualify you must have a Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Laboratory Technology from a program registered by the NYS Department of Education or Bachelor's Degree in the major of biology, chemistry or physical sciences from an accredited college or university. One year in a clinical laboratory (Completion of an internship program at a qualified institution is acceptable). License as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist by the State of New York based on the on the Special Provision of the Regulations of the Commissioner in accordance with the Clinical Laboratory Technology Practice Act. Effective communication and interpersonal skills required. Required Licenses: Clinical Lab Technologist-NYS Permit, Clinical Lab Technologist-NYS License
Preferred Qualifications:Familiar with HCLL, work experience in a large volume hospital, ASCP, NCA, BB, or SBB credentials preferred
Qualified candidates must be able to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.NYU Langone Health provides its staff with far more than just a place to work. Rather, we are an institution you can be proud of, an institution where you'll feel good about devoting your time and your talents.NYU Langone Health is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer committed to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of recruiting and employment. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration without regard to race, color, gender, gender identity or expression, sex, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender dysphoria, national origin, age, religion, disability, military and veteran status, marital or parental status, citizenship status, genetic information or any other factor which cannot lawfully be used as a basis for an employment decision. We require applications to be completed online. If you wish to view NYU Langone Health's EEO policies, please click here. Please click here to view the Federal "EEO is the law" poster or visit for more information. To view the Pay Transparency Notice, please click here.

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NYU Langone Health is a world-class, patient-centered, integrated academic medical center, known for its excellence in clinical care, research, and education. It comprises more than 200 locations throughout the New York area, including five inpatient locations,  a children's hospital, three emergency rooms and a level 1 trauma center. Also part of NYU Langone Health is the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute¿designated cancer center, and NYU School of Medicine, which since 1841 has trained thousands of physicians and scientists who have helped to shape the course of medical history. For more information, go to, and interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
Position Summary:We have an exciting opportunity to join our team as a Clinical Lab Technologist in the Blood Bank.  In this role, the successful candidate is responsible for complying with the NYUHC mission statement and providing safe and timely transfusion for all NYUHC patients by carrying out NYUHC transfusion technology processes according to established standards contained in the Blood Bank Quality Assurance Plan and Self Assessment (BBQAPSA) program. The technologist is required to maintain professional currency in the field by attending in-service and CE programs that provide a minimum of 12 CEUs per year
Job Responsibilities:
* Performs other related duties as required.
* Support Laboratory and LOH BB - Is competent to perform all laboratory donor processes, inventory management, patient testing, blood dispensing, and information systems processes in all workstations and may be assigned to any of the sites under NYU HC Blood Bank management at any time. Understands focus on dispensing in Support Lab; adheres to issue policy; intercom system. Familiar with the LOH service variations on policies and procedures. Able to function in all seven workstations of the BB. Familiar with the shipping program for LOH, ACC, CCC, LS and NYDH. Familiar with testing procedure of LOH; crossmatch and issue policy.
* Demonstrates knowledge of Facilities and Safety in Blood Banking including biological, chemical, radiation safety, and waste stream management. Complies with hospital and departmental standards. Participates in process improvement by submitting occurrences reports. Completes the blood transfusion monitoring - process improvement survey. Able to resolve internal/external complaints. Provides accurate quality control records. Familiar with safety regulations. Fire safety, biological or chemical policies.
* Internal/External Assessments - Participates as directed in corrective action plans; preventive action planning, and quality monitoring activities. Completed twelve CEUs for year. Completed NYUHC required in-services. Infection Control and Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Completed TB screening survey. Completed necessary read and sign documents for SOP updates in a timely manner. Participated successfully in proficiency exams.
* Consistently completes Transfusion Reaction Investigation Form thoroughly and accurately, documenting investigation, testing, and transcribing transfusionists history before submitting for supervisory and medical director review. Understands requirements to submit federal Biological Product Deviations, NYS Errors Incidents and Accidents reports. Blood product labeling discrepancies and shipping/distribution anomalies are investigated and reported immediately to supervisor, such as Stem Cell temp monitors, CMV required neg units, antigen negative units, etc.
* Demonstrates knowledge and awareness of Blood Bank (BB) Deviation, Non-conformance and Complications. Successfully intervenes to prevent product non-conformance and its possible consequences including: fatal donor and recipient transfusion reactions; transfusion reaction (TX RCT) detection and resolution; reporting, and evaluation of donor or recipient complications. a) Understands and carries out all procedures regarding products that are nonconforming, especially as pertain to inspection at accession, preparation and dispensing. Appropriately detects, evaluates and reports suspected complications experienced by transfusion recipients. (Anaphylaxis, TRALI, AHTR, DHTR, Septic Shock, FNHTR, Anaphylactoid, Urticarial, Fluid Overload).
* Demonstrates knowledge of Documents and Records - uses computer systems to conduct patient, donor, tissue (stem cells) testing and processing activities recognizing and safeguarding the control functions of the systems designed to protect blood donors and recipients. Understands respects and maintains other work records, including record retention requirements, as set forth in the AABB Standards and in the NYU MC BBQAPSA. Familiar with BBQAPSA policy and procedure manual. Understands the importance of systems-based error reporting and uses Occurrence Report Form (ORF) as intended to contribute patient and donor safety in a non-punitive environment focused on process improvement. Knows records retention requirements for HCLL patient, inventory, donor records. Consistently retrieves necessary and sufficient available data from all computer systems and subsystems consistent with security access, including HIS, HCLL, LIS. Familiar with computer down records, documents, policies and forms.
* Inventory management: regularly follows SOP for blood and components selection, consistently adhering to FIFO system where dictated by SOP.NYU Donor/Autologous/Directed Donor/Special Products (Auto HPC, HLA & NAIT SDP) Management. Blood Dispensing: issues all blood and components and coagulation factor concentrates and HPCs carefully and with full attention to special patient needs for blood attributes and component modifications as indicated in orders, and according to SOP. (Failure to complete transactions in the HCLL system > 2 per year is a serious breach of patient safety).
* Pre-transfusion compatibility testing (PTCT) Sample Triage: accurately reviews and accepts/rejects patient samples for PTCT; performs and records thorough transfusion history and triages work according to SOP. Pre-transfusion compatibility testing (PTCT) Testing: Accurately tests and reports and reports ABO/RH, Atypical red cell antibody screen, EC, AHG XM, DAT, AID, Supplementary cell selection, FMH screens, and antibody titers. Performs Quality Control and /or process audit functions as scheduled and according to SOP. Component Modification: Consistently performs correct: 1- Blood irradiation, 2- Sterile docking; 3- LRC selection, 4- Hgb S negative testing (SDX) and selection, 5- CMV recording according to SOP.
* Demonstrates core knowledge of Process Control functions and is able to safely and successfully control the related processes of: blood acquisition, storage, distribution, pre- transfusion compatibility testing, blood dispensing, adverse reaction management and component modification. Blood and Component Accession: accurately reconciles shipments, inspects blood and components for acceptance, accessions into hemocare, labels, and places on quarantine and/or performs confirmatory testing and stores in correct order in controlled temp devices. Voluntarily fills in down time with this activity.
* Demonstrates knowledge of Blood Bank Quality Assurance Plan Self Assessment (BBQAPSA) including the ten BB organizational standards known as Quality System Essentials based on the current AABB standards (1 - Organization to identify chain of command; 2 - Resources: adheres to NYU Human Resource policies in exchange for compensation and benefits package as provided by collective bargaining agreement; 3 - Equipment: understands and effectively operates and respects through careful treatment all refrigerators, centrifuges, incubators, waterbaths, dri-baths, hematrons, sterile connection devices, plastic disposables, blood warmers and most importantly blood irradiator; 4 - Supplier/Customer Issues: understands supplier qualification implications when tests, products or services provided by the blood bank fail or do not measure up; 5 - Process Control; 6 - Documents and Records; 7 - Deviations, Nonconformance and Complications; 8 - Assessments: Internal and External participates in all internal and external assessments as required by the department, including QA audits, federal, state, AABB, CAP Proficiency Testing programs and inspections; 9 - Process Improvement; 10 - Facilities and Safety).

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